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A comprehensive description of my academic + professional projects from 2014 - 2020

Raabta: Assistive Learning for Special Children


A tool to explore context-aware augmented and alternative communication (AAC) systems for children with intellectual disabilities, with a primary focus on Autism and Cerebral Palsy. The project aimed to combine elements common to all three - a graphical, picture-based interface with content determined by beacon-emitted Bluetooth micro-location signals.



A mobile application that aims to connect blood donors to seekers in a platform that is efficient, engaging, and enjoyable to use. This project was developed during the Human-Computer Interaction course and then continued with a Summer Research grant.

A Day with Chip

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 11.28.05

Evaluating the effectiveness of an experientially designed interactive story-telling game to instill civic and moral values in children, as part of the course Topics in Interactive Computing. Results were obtained through a between-subject evaluation procedure, collecting subjective as well as objective data from a one-time evaluation study.

Project KHOJ


Evaluating the effectiveness of a 3D serious game to educate and teach children about environmental preservation, climate change, civic values and empathy. The game was built in Unity3D, based on exhaustive primary and secondary research, participatory design, story-boarding, wire-framing, tested through an iterative user testing process in order to log behavioral changes.

Allied Schools, Lahore Pakistan


A mobile application built for one of the largest school networks in Pakistan. The general features include searching for all the campus locations, about campus information, and help while the specific features allowed the parents as well as the students to view details of their attendance, fee structure, grade book, and much more.

Zero Carbon


A mobile application designed for a renewable energy company that aims to work for the transition of Pakistan into low carbon and energy independent state through the provision of cost-effective and energy-efficient turnkey solar solutions. The system provides separate dashboards for the technicians and the end-users to view details about the grid.

Ride with Pride


An initiative by the University of Central Punjab aimed at revolutionizing the way the female students of UCP commute. A customized application mobile app making commute safer and convenient for the girls of UCP by including features such as tracking the journey, help, and much more.

PGC Education Management System


An employee management portal for 300+ employees of Punjab Group of Colleges. The customized-designed allowed separate dashboards and functionality for each specific type of user and provided a wide range of functionalities for the Admin, HR, Teachers, etc.

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